Stress Relief / Immune system
Booster Treatment

Package #6 - Stress Relief/
Immune system Booster Treatment
Special $69.00 per person
Regular Price $110.00

During times of stress and anxiety, stress weakens the immune system and makes us more susceptible to illness. Enjoy this Post Stay-at Home treatment. This is a treatment that can assist your body and mind to relax and boost up your immune system - Treatment includes:

  • • Relax and sip DeTox Herbal tea or beverage in our private suite
  • • DeTox Foot Therapy with Himalayan Salt
  • • A back cleansing with Aromatherapy steam
  • • Back Exfoliation/ back brushing with Ginger Vanilla or Coconut Lime Scrub to rid the skin of lifeless skin cells
  • • A pressure point back massage to relax and stimulate the immune system with a variety of Essential oils that are proven to boost your system with their healing qualities
    Lemon/Citrus: Refresh/ Uplift/ Detox/ Antiseptic /Antifungal
    Oregano: Healing/ Antiviral/ Antioxidant/ Inflammation / Immune
    Frankincense: Inflammation/ Cardio/ Congestion/ Clear breathe
    Eucalyptus: Nasal/ Purifying/ Immune booster/Airborne germs
  • • Lastly Celluma LED Therapy of INFRARED applied to back to sooth, heal and heat your core is used to finish your therapeutic treatment

“The Ultimate Stress Relief Treatment”

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