Our SPA Polices

  • Upon booking through our electronic booking system you will be charged a “NO SHOW” booking fee from 20.00 to 35.00 depending on the service and package you are scheduling. That deposit can either be refunded or put towards your service fee of 18% of the full undiscounted value of your package, not the discounted price that you paid. This covers your gratuity, food and beverage service depending on your package, along with CoVid protocols.
  • The NO SHOW deposit will not be refunded if you fail to cancel your appointment before 36 hours
  • The NO SHOW deposit will not be refunded if you no show for your appointment.
  • The NO SHOW deposit will not be refunded if you don’t cancel before the 36 hour timeline, and along with that if a no show happens, or a last minute cancellation occurs then 50% of the full undiscounted value of the package will be charged to you. On some occasions your Groupon will be redeemed upon a no show or last minute cancellation. Upon booking your appointment we plan on arranging staff to accommodate you and your Guests for your visit, so no shows and last minute cancellations will be charged to you, and have a strict policy on that issue.
  • 15 Minutes late or more for arrival to Spa, your time will be adjusted to accommodate.
  • Parties of more than 2 Guests requires special arrangements. Groups of more than 2 with a Groupon Voucher package will incur a facility fee of $95.00 to arrange for extra staff.
  • Groupon expired voucher are valid towards any FULL VALUE service or package- Not web specials
  • If you are coming in on a Groupon, we will ask you for your Groupon Voucher number close to the date of your appointment. We ask for this because we have guests who have expired Groupons, or they have a package for one Guest and assume it is for more than one guest. We even have Guests who arrive at the wrong business for an appointment.
  • Any Guest or Guests who come to the Spa, and receives the services of a scheduled appointment package, and then contacts Groupon afterwards for a refund will be charged by the Spa for the entire package price.
    The price charged will be for Staff time, the time the Spa blocks out for your private suite, the treatment services in the package rendered, along with food and beverage service.
  • Lastly, at this time our spa policy has changed , and due to the intimate personal nature of this business, we can only book guests who have at least one dose of vaccine, fully vaccinated or negative covid test 48-72 hours prior to appointment day. It is our right and responsibility to protect the health and safety of ALL of our guests and staff. We go above and beyond to create a warm, safe and comfortable atmosphere for all who enter the Spa and do our utmost for cleanliness and to provide 5 star service to all. This policy will stay in effect until further notice for vaccine status. Thank you for your co operation, Regards, Naturale Touch SpaTique Staff

Hydra Facials

This Package is designed for 2-8 Guests
Choose between our Anti-oxidant Facial with Cleansing/Steam/ Pomegranate, Apple Pumpkin Spice, or Mocha Latte exfoliation, Facial pressure point Massage, Hand and arm Massage, Pore extractions and a custom Masque with Hawaiian Sea Botanicals, Blueberry Hydration, or Clarifying Clay. Followed by a Detox relaxing Foot Soak and Foot Scrub with hydration...

DNA Skincare Services

Naturale Touch Spatique is proud to be one of the first in Newport Beach to introduce the newest in this cutting edge technology. Naturale Touch Spatique is the only one in Newport Beach offering this treatment. Being one of the first skin technicians to use this technology back 20 years ago, the research has progressed more in depth since then, but the benefits still exceed any other skin care product on the market today. The topical introduction of skin stem cells to existing skin allows for the communication of biologically flawless information. A serum rich in organic vitamins, minerals, essential fats, enzymes and natural antioxidants. It consists of 100% natural and preservative free formulations, which starts the rejuvenation process. CryoStem skin cells repair free-radical damage, create a moisture-rich environment, promote collagen repair, and the production of elastin. Skin looks younger, because technically it “is” younger.

Skin Resurfacing Services

One of the true ways in which to permanently change the actual texture of the skin is through exfoliation. The exfoliation process will assist in transforming all types of skin whether the issue is acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging tired, or pigmentation issues. No matter what the skin issue, if you keep the skin constantly exfoliated on a regular basis, the skin is not given the chance to build up any of the above skin issues. No expensive cream or serum applied to the skin will work effectively unless an exfoliation process happens. Applying a $300.00 cream over top of skin that is unprepared will do absolutely "nothing", because the cream can't penetrate dead layers of skin. As Medical Aestheticians and Medical Technicians for over 30 years and working with well-known and celebrity Doctors, we know firsthand how this process works as has a proven track record.

Hair Removal Services

We offer hair removal service by waxing technique. Waxing is a tried and true process where a comfortable and warm wax resin is applied to the skin surface. We offer a clean atmosphere and adhere to strict State Board sanitation application and procedure. We do not "double dip" with our waxing process, and offer minimal level of discomfort. The waxing process is available for face or body. Waxing prices are $20 and up

Signature Facials

Our Signature facial treatments address many common skin issues associated with a lot of our clients in the world today. Teen skin, skin moisture retention, Rosacea, Men's skin concerns, menopause, hyper pigmentation, and weather exposed skin. Many skin issues are associated with genetics, hormones, pre-disposed problems, stress, allergies and environmental concerns.

Specialty Treatments

Our collection of Specialty Treatments is result oriented treatments that can target various skin issues such as assisting in healing Acne issues which can boost the confidence in those suffering or have suffered with the effects of long and short term breakouts and skin scarring. Some of the other treatments include Bufflight, a thermal Photo facial which can also assist in the healing of Acne and post Acne issues. Bufflight also can stimulate collagen production to help with skin issues along with plumping and firming of the skin texture and muscle tone for Anti-aging results. The Celluma LED technology which was discovered by NASA can really assist in many skin care issues. The Blue light will calm the skin, soothe skin inflammation from Acne, and help with Rosacea. The Red light modality is used for dark pigmentation issues as well as stimulating collagen for fine lines, and skin firming. The Infrared modality of the Celluma assists in Pain Management for sore muscles and any muscle injuries.

Cosmetic Artistry

STILETTO PIN-UP® CONSULTATION SERVICES As experts in the field of skin care Esthetics and Makeup, we have over 35 years of experience within the industry. We offer the latest technology, products, and techniques in the beauty and wellness industry to our clients and prospective clients