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Naturale Touch Spatique Signature Facials Our Signature Facials will improve the colour, tone and texture of your complexion with cleansing, exfoliation and re-balancing...

Teen Facial: - Consultation Deep cleansing-detoxifying enzyme steam Extractions of clogs and breakouts Clearing treatment masque - $75 / 30 - 40 mins.

Deep Cleansing/ Purifying Enzyme Facial: - Excellent treatment for any skin especially prone to oiliness, and breakouts. Frees blocked pores, re-balances. Refines pores. - Hand-arm massage. $115/ 60 mins - $95/ 50 mins - $75/ 40 mins

Dry Skin/ Hydrating Facial: - Restores and maintains skin's hydration/ moisture level, fine lines and uncomfortable tightness due to dryness and damage are diminished. - Hand-arm-shoulder massage. $115/ 60 mins - $95/ 50 mins - $75/ 40 mins

Sensitive Skin Facial: - An award winning treatment to reduce irritated skin. Special soothing formulations from plant and marine extracts will calm and soften tired, irritated skin. Great for delicate and sunburned skin. Facial massage added. - $115/ 60 mins - $95/ 50 mins - $75/ 40 mins

Express on-the-Go Facial: - Great as a skin-refresher for quick pick me up or in between
regular treatments. - $69/ 40 min.

“treatments to pamper yourself with along with experiencing a positive outcome”

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