Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing Services

Skin Resurfacing Services

One of the true ways in which to permanently change the actual texture of the skin is through exfoliation. The exfoliation process will assist in transforming all types of skin whether the issue is acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging tired, or pigmentation issues. No matter what the skin issue, if you keep the skin constantly exfoliated on a regular basis, the skin is not given the chance to build up any of the above skin issues. No expensive cream or serum applied to the skin will work effectively unless an exfoliation process happens. Applying a $300.00 cream over top of skin that is unprepared will do absolutely "nothing", because the cream can't penetrate dead layers of skin.

As Medical Aestheticians and Medical Technicians for over 30 years and working with well-known and celebrity Doctors, we know firsthand how this process works as has a proven track record.

Our various exfoliation treatments over many types of exfoliation for various types of skin and age groups. We feature minimum to more moderate levels of peeling exfoliation with minimum to no downtime. Treatments prices vary from $75.00 and up depending on type. Chocolate Mousse peel, Lactic peels, Fruit enzymes - glycolic-fruits, Microdermabrasion and Jessner peels

Chocolate Rescue Peel - This professional strength peel combines 50% lactic acid along with a cocktail of three other powerful antioxidant ingredients of cocoa, resveratrol, and acai berry. These ingredients are combined to deliver superior exfoliation, anti-aging and skin restorative benefits. The decadent chocolate aroma works on pleasure receptors of the brain while reviving skin and reversing environmental damage along with plumping up of your own collagen. A pre-peel patch test is required. A follow-up visit within a week is included,and at that time a mini facial will be performed.- 1 Hour $120

Chocolate Mousse Peel -This mid-level peel treatment is so very sinfully delicious without any extra calories. The lactic acid derived from milk and yogurt will give your skin a great exfoliating peel. The additional botanical ingredients of green tea, grapeseed extracts, cocoa and a hint of coffee all add to the perfect balance of antioxidant properties to give your skin the rejuvenation it deserves. A complete facial treatment with this peel is included with your visit.
- 1  Hour $95

Deluxe Microdermabrasion Treatment -
A treatment for optimal smoothing and plumping of the skin

    Treatment includes:
  • • Welcome Beverage
  • • Skin Analysis with a Skin Scanner
  • • Steam Aromatherapy cleansing
  • • Fruit Enzyme exfoliation
  • • Hand and Arm massage
  • • Microdermabrasion procedure
  • • Cleopatra Gold custom Masque
  • • Stem cell application as a finishing add-on
  • • 20% Discount on home products to further enhance your results
Includes all the above for 2 Guests / Plus Appetizers and Mimosas/Wine or Herbal Teas/ Juice

Microdermabrasion - "The Baby Face Facial" - A non-invasive yet amazingly effective approach to skin that removes damaged and dry layers of skin, stimulating production of new skin cells and promoting collagen and elastin. Minimizes scarring, no side effects, no chemicals, no down time and no problems. Stimulates the blood and lymphatic flow which accelerates the repair process of wrinkles, post acne scars, body scars, large pores, pigmentation issues. The staff has performed "thousands" of successful treatments, and are experts in this procedure, and work closely with physicians. You will see results in the first session, however, this procedure is designed for consecutive treatments…
Also, the home care is designed for ongoing maximum results. Treatments can also be performed on the back or
other body areas.

  • Microdermabrasion with Glycolic booster: (1 hour) $125 *Includes neck and chest in our treatments
    *Series of Microdermabrasion Facials are offered at discounted Specials
  • Microdermabrasion Facial with Seaweed Marine Treatment: A Complete Microdermabrasion process with cleansing, extractions, 3-layer Seaweed Marine treatment, massage neck, shoulders, hand and arms.
    $149/ 1 hour 30 min.

Jessner Peel: "The Miracle Peel" -This chemical peel procedure designed by a physician and used by Aestheticians. Greatly reduces skin imperfections. This process is carefully applied in layers and erases wrinkles, scars, pigment spots, and is a 3-5 day exfoliation process, along with an included follow-up treatment. A patch test in required before the procedure. Call for details. (can be done in series)

Exfoliation Glycolic or Fruit Enzyme(Pumpkin, Cranberry or Mango) -Designed to renew and smooth the texture of the skin with a fruit acid therapy. Depending on skin needs an effective level of peel will be selected for your skin type. 5%-30% range. Sloughs off dead skin cells, and rejuvenates skin. A special prepared cooling thermogel masque. - 6% Lactic $95

“One of the true ways in which to permanently change the actual texture of the skin is through exfoliation.”

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